Construction SY III

The raft

The base of the raft consists of five steel sand pipes. They each have a diameter of 85 cm and a length of 10, 11 and the middle tube a length of 12 meters. The front and rear sides of the tubes are covered with steel points. The width of the raft is 5 meters. The steel pipes were interconnected by 2 steel wrinkles.

The deck

The wooden deck is narrower and has a width of 4 meters and a length of 10 meters. The wooden parts were 18 cm wide and were screwed in the width of the raft. The wooden planks were always attached to the raft with a gap of 2 cm.


The rigging

Two wooden masts were placed on the raft. The front mast was 12 meters and the rear 10 meters high. The raft was square-rigged. And could sail on the Atlantic when the wind allowed it, with a ra sail.