Maquette ceramic mini monument Sterke Yerke

Baukje Kramer, ceramist in Grou (frl), was prepared to support the Renovatie monument Sterke Yerke project on Bonaire by producing a number of mini monuments that are offered to all sponsors and people who help to realize the monument to be renovated.

Without drawings, Baukje proceeded energetically and after several test models, she made 15 unique mini monuments in hand-made ceramics.

Chris, Henk and Frits who knew the monument were extremely enthusiastic about the result.

What does Baukje have with Sterke Yerke?

“The television broadcast in Andere Tijden, the recent attendance at a lecture about the Sterke Yerke project and also my personal memory of the reports in the press at the time about the construction of the raft Sterke Yerke, the nautical adventure of 4 men, their research into water pollution in the ocean made me decide to support the renovation project in this way “.

Storms did their work and now after about 35 years the intention is to restore the damaged and dilapidated monument to preserve the memory of the stranding at Bonaire and the enterprising men from Friesland.